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Our clients’ software teams work in hectic and high-stakes environments. We understand that world, and we equip your team to be their best. Invest in your team. Make them self-sufficient.

Many of our customers have already enjoyed tremendous success and have revenue in the tens and hundreds of millions. Many operate in industries ranging from insurance and financial services to manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

All of them have something in common: A realization that maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage involves investing more resources into technology, not less. They all have leveraged custom software to their advantage in the past but are now faced with a stark economic reality – adapt or be left behind.

The problem? Their team needs next-generation skills and tools to compete. They find it harder and harder to keep up, or to find and retain top IT talent. Clear Measure provides our client’s teams with a clear way forward. We help identify and fix the process or skills gaps that cause business disruptions.


Sincere desire to meet the needs of the client

It means a lot. I’ve worked with other vendors where their ego was much bigger than working with the client.
– Jan Kearbey
VP of Marketing & Sales, Service Lloyds
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Case Studies

Provided a back-end business critical system that met the architectural requirements to launch and maintain a consumer-facing lending platform.

A national corporate insurance company efficiently automates their deployments to reduce client downtime. Improved platform scalability for enhanced user experience.

Leading REIT modernizes a large legacy system to reduce labor costs and expand business reach. Enhanced leasing platform improves the process to allow for a seamless process for renters.

Medical dictation and transcription provider modernizes for enhanced performance, higher customer retention, and successful growth. Updated and modernized platform rewrite improves website performance, increases stability.

Leading e-commerce site upgrades for increased revenue and lower operating costs. Platform rewrite enhances website performance to handle higher volume and increase sales.

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Your business software should work for you, not against you. Giving your team the right process increases stability and eliminate bottlenecks.