New Webinar Series: DevOps Roadmaps, Partnerships & Deeper Dives


08 Jan 2019 | laurahogankeo

Today we’re launching and announcing a series of webinars from Clear Measure – all designed to help you and your software teams to move fast, build smart and run with confidence. With a focus on DevOps-Centered Software Engineering and Microsoft platforms, our webinars include:

  • A DevOps Roadmap for Software Releases in Hours: How to accelerate your software processes while increasing code-quality, simultaneously. A great overview and starting point.
  • A DevOps Roadmap: Deeper Dives: Detailed webinars that cover each layer of the DevOps-Centered Software Engineering model. Builds on the overview webinar.
  • A DevOps Roadmap for Low-Risk Application Modernization: Practical ways to help your team to transform legacy code, make your software new again, and delight your customers.
  • Joint Partnership Webinars: with Redgate, Octopus Deploy and more.

Our webinar schedule is as follows:

Also beginning in February 2019: A DevOps Roadmap: Deeper Dives (check back for schedule details)
If you have questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rayne Fulton,

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