Continuous Delivery Applied


22 Feb 2017 | laurahogankeo

Jeffrey Palermo, CEO of Clear Measure, was invited to speak at the Dallas.NET User Group at the Microsoft Campus in Las Colinas, TX. Jeffrey talked about continuous delivery and shared his thought on how development teams work together to develop, deploy, and run software.

DevOps is a term representing the convergence of development and operations. Both the development and operations communities like to own the term, so it has accumulated multiple meanings. With the Agile Manifesto, developers have jettisoned annual software releases for processes that allow releasing software multiple times per day. To accomplish this, teams use rigorous suites of automated tests to ensure that every change to the software is a solid step forward rather than an accidental step backwards.

In this lecture, you will learn the principles of how to set up your own continuous delivery pipeline very similar to how Microsoft’s NuGet team manages We will use the same chain of tools, and the same techniques.

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