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Clear Measure is a software design and DevOps consulting firm that was founded by Chief Architect, Jeffrey Palermo in 2013. Since its inception, it has grown into one of the fastest-growing technology services companies in Central Texas and in 2016, it was #1 on Austin Fast 50, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in Central Texas. If you need to automate software delivery, modernize your current applications, build a new application or migrate to the cloud, these are services we offer to help you develop, deploy and manage with confidence.

Clear Measure was founded by Jeffrey Palermo in 2013 with the goal of providing clients with software product development and automated deployment and testing services. It has since become one of the fastest growing technology companies in central Texas and a leading provider of DevOps-centered software engineering services. In 2016, Clear Measure was #1 on Austin Fast 50, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in Central Texas.

We believe great software is the lifeblood of a successful business. This is why we’ve built a DevOps-centered software engineering company that specializes in Microsoft and cloud platforms. Our goal is to help you create a well-run software team that makes full use of DevOps automation, processes and skills and make your team technology savvy as well as self-sufficient.

Unlike custom development shops that sell time, deliver code and create co-dependency, DevOps is in our DNA. We’ll give you the capability to move fast, build smart and run with confidence – as a team, and as a business.

We specialize in .Net software and Microsoft technology and have strategic partnerships with “best of the best” companies in each of our focus areas. Our team consists of senior engineers and architects with more than a 100 years of combined experience. Since we are not resellers of any technology products, we recommend the best products and practices for your specific needs and IT environment.

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Clear Measure has been a great partner since day one.

They have worked dilligently with my entire organization to ensure our success. The system they have built for us is a critical component of our business platform. Our ongoing relationship is a key pillar to delivering critical business services as we grow.
– Brian Conneen
Marlette Funding

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Your business software should work for you, not against you. Giving your team the right process increases stability and eliminate bottlenecks.